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Communication Training 


This training demonstrates how to successfully manage difficult conversations using 'active listening' techniques. Based on the communications matrix by Schulz von Thun, the workshop deals with the following dimensions of communication:

  • What do I really want to say?

  • How can I best prepare for job interviews, reviews or meetings?

  • What will my colleague/friend/spouse actually hear?

At the completion of this module, you will be able to communicate with better focus and purpose.

Team, Interkulturell, Hamburg, Training, Sprache, international,Sprachbarriere, Hürden, Kultur, kulturelle Unterschiede
Intercultural Team Comunication


This Workshop focuses on three specific areas of intercultural communication:

  1. Understanding the role of the 'cultural filter'

  2. Expressing yourself effectively in environments where language and cultural barriers exist

  3. Finding effective communication solutions and common ground in multicultural teams


All workshops are customised according to the needs and size of your organisation and can include individual coaching sessions. 

Katharina Grau, Wandern, Workshop, Hamburg, Berge, Coaching, Ziele, Gedanken, Zufriedenheit, zufrieden, Leben
On your way - A (t)hi(n)king workshop

Hiking allows us to get into contact with nature and to hear ourselves think. With your focus on the physical challenge of getting to your destination, thoughts and new ideas often arise within us. During this workshop, we spend two days together and focus on questions like: How am I? How did I get here? Is this the path I want to travel?


At the end of each day we summarise your thoughts and develop new strategies according to what has arisen. Post-hike individual coaching sessions can also be arranged. This workshop can be booked individually or for groups (3 to 5 participants). 

Please get in touch for dates and further information.

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