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Expat Coaching, Sabbatical, Relocation Service, Stress, Anxiety, Hamburg, Katharina Grau
Expat-Coaching – What to expect?


Expat-Coaching can be tailored to both working professionals interested in geographical re-assignment or individuals preparing for a stay abroad. If you are a manager looking to support your outbound or returning employees, expat-coaching can help manage the stress of acculturation and adjustment to a new environment. Additionally, family members traveling abroad with their loved ones can benefit from having their concerns and feelings heard.


The sessions are focussed on the ‘preparation’, ‘settling-in’ or ‘return’ phases for expats moving abroad. Alternatively, coaching and support can be an ongoing feature of your time abroad via Skype consultations.

Decision, Relocation Service, Expat, Coaching, Hamburg, Katharina Grau, anxiety, stress
Phase I: Decision & Preparation


Deciding to go abroad can be a difficult process that stirs up mixed feelings. Often, the excitement of learning about a new culture clashes against fears and worries about leaving family and friends behind, and going into the unknown. 

Hamburg, Expat-Coaching, Relocation Service, Katharina Grau, challenge, anxiety, expectations
Phase II: Arrival & Settling in


Finding your feet in a new culture is often cited as the biggest challenge for expats. Making friends, socialising, and even running errands in a foreign culture and language can leave expats feeling estranged and isolated. The same also applies for partners and children, who might find their new way of life hard to digest.

Phase III: Return


Returning home from abroad is synonymous with the joy of returning to familiarity and comfort, and the excitement of reuniting with family and friends. Shortly after, it is common to experience the 'post holiday blues' – the feeling that whilst your horizons have expanded, many things at home seem stagnant and unchanged.

Expat-Coaching, Relocation Service, Hamburg, Katharina Grau, stress, potential, return, change, anxiety
Expat-Coaching Services

I work with my clients to address issues relating to:

  • Using strengths to build resilience 

  • Managing expectations, fears and anxiety

  • Awareness of limiting beliefs about change processes

  • (Re)defining family roles in new environments

  • Culture shock and identity

  • Preparation for returning home – now what?

  • Finding yourself vs. escaping yourself

  • Reintegrating 'at home'

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"It doesn't matter where we are – as long as we figure out what we need to feel content" – Katharina Grau
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